About Us

Welcome to Tri-State Auto Center, the newest addition to the Hays Automotive Group!
We are located at 3300 N. Green River Road in Evansville, Indiana.

The Hays Automotive Group has been offering automotive sales and service in the tri-state area since 1968. In the Evansville area, Town and Country Ford, also part of the Hays Automotive Group, is located at 7720 E. Division Street, Evansville. Having been in Evansville since 1996, we are proud to call the tri-state home. Town & Country Ford has had the privilege to participate in fundraising events for charitable organizations in our community such as the Tri-State Food Bank, Susan G Komen Foundation, EPDF Foundation and Toys for Tots. In addition we have held several "Drive 4UR School” events raising funds for Harrison High School and North High School.

The Hays Automotive Group operates stores in other communities which include Town & Country Ford and Commonwealth Dodge in Louisville, Ky.; Town & Country Ford and Rivergate Nissan in Nashville, Tn., and T & C Auto Discount Center in Henderson, Ky. All the stores combined maintain an inventory of over 2,000 vehicles and sell over 10,000 vehicles annually.

The Hays Automotive Group has one way of doing business in all stores operated. Customers come first, quality is paramount, and we back what we sell best.

We sell the most and back them best!